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Computer Based Test (
CBT) Software
With our CBT Software, your school is many steps ahead of others. This Software can be used in different environments such as in Education (Exams & Test), Training & Development, Recruitment & Aptitude Test and Business settings.

This software includes tool to directly export/import candidates, questions or results data using PDF format. The detailed results in PDF format can be automatically sent by email to each candidate (optional).

Candidate need not have prior computer experience for this CBT. At the beginning of the test, each candidate will receive a (less than 3 minutes) brief introductory tutorial that will instruct the candidate how to use the computer to answer the questions and to review their responses. This CBT administer many type of examinations, including some that require essay-type response.

What are the benefits of converting your exam from Paper Based to Computer Based

♦ Computer Based Testing does not consume time. CBT is an efficient way to provide a secure, fast and stress-free testing while significantly enhancing the candidate experience.

♦ Reduced costs for many elements of the testing life-cycle

♦ Improved consistency and reliability (machine marking is much more reliable than human marking)

♦ Improved impartiality (machine marking does not 'know' the candidate so does not favour nor make allowances for minor errors)

♦ Instant result to candidate (if you choose to display it to them in your settings)

♦ Greater storage efficiency - Tens of thousands of answer scripts can be stored on a server compared to the physical space required for paper scripts.

♦ Administration and scoring efficiency

♦ Improved test confidentiality and prevent leakages

♦ Faster and more controlled test process with shorter response time

♦ Faster decision-making as the result of immediate scoring and reporting

♦ Unbiased test administration and scoring

♦ Increased candidate experience and satisfaction

♦ Evolutionary step towards future testing methodologies

A networked Computer system


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