Product Information


PTCflux is a Project Topics Catalogue used in academics environment. It is used to store students project records, to prevent duplication of student project topic in the department.

Its Search feature can be used to search Student Name or Matriculation Number or Project Title or Project Year or Project Supervisor or just a phrase of the title and it will bring every details about the projects.

The login is divided into 3: Supervisor Login, Coordinator Login, and Admin Login

It is developed using the latest technologies, It is user-friendly and easy to operate. The software is fully customizable to clients taste.

PTCflux can also be installed on your website as online cataloging platform and it is mobile responsive.

Video tutorials is available and PDF documentation of features and step by step of managing it is also available.

  2. One a Supervisor login, he/she can see Total number of records, number of Coordinators, and number of Supervisors.
  3. Supervisor can Project Topics accordingly, he/she just need to type any phrase in the search box to filter through. He/She can also view abstracts of each topics.
  4. Can also view all the users (Supervisor, Coordinator & Admin) and the last time they login to the system.
  5. Can Change Password if he/she suspects someone else login his/her account without his/her approval.
  7. Can perform all the functions of Supervisor, in addition, can modify details of a particular topics.
    Note: Coordinator can only modify topics of a level in which he/she is coordinating.
  8. Can add new topics to the level he is coordinating
  9. Can add new Supervisor to the system.
  10. Can view all activities performed by individual user and the time the action was performed.
  11. ADMIN
  12. Can perform all functions of Coordinator, in addition,
  13. Can Modify a user and as well Delete a user.
  14. Can add new topics to all level.
  15. Can also Delete all logs but such action would be recorded in the database.


Info Details
Language PHP
PHP Version 5.3 - 7
Compatible Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 - 11, Safari, Edge
OS Windows 7 - Later
Server Offline/Online
Version 2