Product Information


Evoteflux is an Electronic Voting System to ameliorate the stress associated with voting system. It add to the credence of voting system as it prevents double voting. It makes the process to be more transparent and credible because even, the admin does not have ability to increase vote.

Evoteflux is a secret ballot system, even admin wont know who you voted for. They will only know if you have voted or not but not who you voted for.

It is developed using the latest technologies, It is user-friendly and easy to operate. The software is fully customizable to clients taste.

Evoteflux can also be installed on your website as online voting platform and it is mobile responsive.

Video tutorials is available and PDF documentation of features and step by step of managing it is also available.

  2. Once electorate login, he/she can see the enabled vote and candidates. There will also be an
    indication to show whether he/she have already voted or not.
  3. It displays electorate Names upon login and while voting, it prevents double voting.
  4. Display all the contestants contesting for a position, with their names and photograph displaying.
  5. ADMIN
  6. See the total number of Admins and Electorates
  7. Vote List - Enable/Disable the available elections, display number of contestants for each position. Set up Vote, Add Contestants.
  8. Vote Results - View results of each category (number of votes, and in percentage).
  9. Contestants List - Display the Name, Position and Photograph of all contestants. Edit contestants names.
  10. Admins - view and add admins.
  11. Users - View, add and edit electorates. Add bulk electorates.
  12. Logs - Vote Logs - shows all votes castes in each position with date and time of voting by individual electorates.
    Logs - Events Logs - shows all activities performed by admin.
  13. Manage Database - Backup your records and restore later or on another computer.
  14. Prints - Print vote results, print contestants list, print all electorates that are eligible to vote.
  15. All printable records can be save as soft copy (PDF) for future use instead of printing them.
  16. Change Password - admin can change his password.
  17. Admin does not have the ability to increase vote (a credible and transparent system).
  18. A secret ballot system, even admin wont know who you voted for. They will only know if you have voted or not but not who you voted for.
  19. And many more features you may preferred to add.


Info Details
Language PHP
PHP Version 5.3 - 7
Compatible Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 - 11, Safari, Edge
OS Windows 7 - Later
Server Offline/Online
Version 2