Product Information


CBTflux Software is a Computer Based Testing and Examination software for Schools, Organizations and Individual Academics to assess their students/candidates. The software is good for Education (Exams & Test), Training & Development, Recruitment & Aptitude Test and Business settings.

With our CBTflux Software, your school/organization is many steps ahead of others.

Using CBTflux for your testing/exams will reduced your testing period, it is an efficient way to provide a secured, fast and stress-free testing while significantly enhancing the candidate experience. It reduced costs and improved consistency and reliability.

It is developed using the latest technologies, It is user-friendly and easy to operate. The software is fully customizable to clients taste.

CBTflux can also be installed on your website as online exams platform and it is mobile responsive.

Video tutorials is available and PDF documentation of features and step by step of managing it is also available.

  1. Students take the test with their Name, Class and Picture displaying while test is on-going (impersonation is impossible). They can check their results after taken the test (if you want them to see results, otherwise no result would be display)
  2. With just a glance at Admin homepage, you see total questions available, number of test/exam, number of Admin and Students.
  3. With just a single click, you can Add, Edit & Delete the following: Admin User, Unlimited Students (single or bulk students), Classes, Subjects, Unlimited Questions (single or bulk questions), and Test/Exam (with option to enable or disable, display results to students or not, retake the test/exam or not).
  4. Display students with their details including passport.
  5. Promote individual student from one class to another or promote all students in a class to another class with just a click (once you add students, you don’t need to re-add such students again till they graduate from your school). Once you promote a student or class, it will be recorded in a promotion log in order to keep tracks of promotion.
  6. Check Results of all students in all tests and see those who passed or failed, results can be deleted but it will be recorded in the logs that such result was deleted by a particular admin (to promote transparency).
  7. Admin login page is double protected with password and security key. Admin user can change his/her own password and security key once login in.
  8. Print Results and Students List
  9. Manage Database: Transfer the work done/records on your personal computer to your office computer with just a click.
  10. In the event of power outage while exam is on-going, candidate just need to re-login to continue where he/she stops with the remaining time left.
  11. And many more features you may preferred to add.


Info Details
Language PHP
PHP Version 5.3 - 7
Compatible Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 - 11, Safari, Edge
OS Windows 7 - Later
Server Offline/Online
Version 4