Web Design/Development


Is time for you to go online and reach more potential customers/clients!

Your web presence is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for converting your target audience into buying customers. We work closely with you through the entire design and development process.

You will have access to update the contents of your website instantly from anywhere, 100% by yourself or your webmaster within seconds. This will help keep your site up-to-date and maximize the chances of your visitors returning to your site again and again. Echo your products and services to the world market.


Each website we designed/developed comes with the following features:

Unlimited Emails in your domain name (e.g. ceo@yourdomainname.com), Email Forwarding, Autoresponder, Unlimited Sub Domain, Unlimited Web Pages, Contact/Feedback Form, Search Submission to Search Engines, e.t.c


We understand that When you give us your website to design/develop, you place your trust on us and we promise not to let you down at any stage.

Be assured that we can work within your budget and deliver dedicated Client service and professional websites that has laid the foundation for the success of our company.

Some of the Website in this category are:

E-Commerce Website (with Payment Gateways Integration), Content Management Systems (CMS) Websites, Online Selling & Buying of Products and Services, Online Registration Website, Membership Database Website, Public & Private Forum, Individual & Corporate Blog, Online Helpdesk for Customers, Information Selling Website, Sports Club Website, Article Submission Website, Advertisement Website, Classified Websites, Social Network Website, Family Website, Newsletter Website, Database Driven Website, Media (Online News/Magazine) Website, Corporate Organization Website, Events Manager (Conference, Seminar, e.t.c.) Website, Recruitment Portal Website , SMS Website and much more!

Thank you for visiting our Website, we hope you will consider Fluxtech Concepts when making your selection for design/development of your web site.

A well planned Website
An effective website requires a combination of strategy, creativity, functionality and marketing. We take into consideration all aspects of good website design such as: User Interaction, Usability, Layout, Colour selection and other components like Graphics, Animations, Videos, etc., during the planning phase. We make decisions on these factors dependent upon the targeted audience; in this way a well planned website becomes a successful website.

Unlimited Support:
We provide unlimited, friendly and effective telephonic and email support for our clients during the designing and development of the website and we continue to support our clients beyond the completion of their website.

Tips On Choosing Domain Name
♦ Know your target audience and your visitors, why would they visit your website? Choose domain names that you think clearly represent your company.
♦ Try and make your domain name as close to your company name as is possible if your company name is already well established outside the Internet. Many visitors may try to guess your domain name based on your company name.
♦ Ensure that there will be no trademark or other legal problems with the domain name you choose.
♦ Keep domain names short and simple and you'll make them memorable. Remember that people may misspell your domain if it's too long and complicated.
♦ The bottom line with hyphens is that most domains don't include them. So, when you tell someone your domain, they'll probably try typing it without any hyphens.
♦ Don't use words that are tough to spell. Similarly, don't use words that are spelled differently in some countries. For example, "Color.com" may confuse those of us in the Antipodes who would probably expect "Colour.com".
♦ Remember, you don't *own* your domain name forever. You're merely renting it for a specified period. Don't let your domain name expire, or your competitors may snatch it out from you.